Have you ever walked into a high-end audio store and felt like you were being interviewed for a national security position? Had your worth determined by the color of your credit card? How about being treated like a two-year-old child? "Oh, that room is by appointment only." Have you heard that? Has a salesman ever ridiculed your equipment and then proceeded to tell you all the faults of a system he has never heard? Have you ever been asked, "How much would you like to spend?" only to have your response met with a rueful smile and be told “that's not enough for a good system.”  Have you ever made a purchase based on reviews, only to realize it does not work well in your system?

Here at The Audio Shed we specialize in home theater system installations and Professional Audio systems. We provide door to door services. We can put together the perfect system for your home. If your looking for the right sound the Audio shed is the right place to call.

You will not be required to swipe your card at the door. You will not be asked "So, what do you do?" We invite you to bring your own music and equipment to hear how it sounds with a piece you may be interested in purchasing. We are also willing to come to you. We want to make your pursuit of sublime sound in your own home as rewarding and fulfilling as possible. There are times when just a simple cable change is all you may need. We are just as curious as you are to hear what works well together. If you are not happy, then neither are we.


The Audio Shed Inc.
Just enjoy the music.